Tel Aviv Tricks Authorities By Disguising Outdoor Concert As A Protest

The city of Tel Aviv recently united in an outdoor concert that gathered around 5,000 people. The population of the economic and technological center of Israel organized an outdoor concert, disguised as an alleged protest.

The Coronavirus pandemic has not been as devastating to Israel. While many countries count their deaths by thousands, Israel’s count was most recently at 281. Although social distancing, hygiene measures and self-awareness of the virus is key to beating COVID-19, perhaps this is why they thought that they could host a concert.

Across the globe, government officials, health professionals and citizens are all fighting to flatten the curve. Despite that, the music industry can’t wait any longer without their events. As every law has a loophole, music lovers from Tel Aviv managed to mask a party as if it were a manifestation.

The Plan of Tel Aviv’s Outdoor Concert

Behind the Scenes: an Assembly of Solidarity arrived to the streets of Tel Aviv as an outdoor concert under the denomination of a protest. Thanks to this sophistry, police could not shut down the event.

Israel is keeping the culture alive with acts like this ‘protest’ and the scheduled Outdoor Art Exhibition that will take place this weekend. In addition, Tel Aviv’s mayor made an appearance to express his discrepancies with the government’s regulations.

“This is the cry of an entire industry that needs answering. The responsibility lies first and foremost with the Israeli government and I’m appealing from here — Don’t forget the culture!”

Mayor Ron Huldai

This curious act was risky for the population as they did not manage to keep the distances at all. But it is also a message to the government, asking to note that the music and culture industries cannot be forgotten.

The world is slowly recovering from this pandemic. Moreover, Spain is also improving its conditions for the summer season, and so are many other countries. Events like this one are risky, but also the only way to start going back to the old normality. Stay safe, and we hope to see you back on a dancefloor soon.