EDMSauce.com Interview: Eric Redd

What lies ahead for Eric Redd in the realm of vocals and music production in the coming year? As we step into 2024, we delve into Eric’s ambitious career goals, his desire to break free from creative constraints, and his mission to redefine the Electronic music scene. Join us in exploring his vision for live band-infused performances and his commitment to bringing vocalists to the forefront; Eric Redd’s journey promises to be a thrilling ride that transcends genres and creates lasting connections.


What are your most ambitious career goals or aspirations for the upcoming year as a DJ/ Producer, and how do you plan to pursue them?

For 2024, I want to move further into creating my own sound. I tend to feel like black artists get forced into a box because there are some things we do so naturally well on the rhythmic side. There are so many other places to explore musically, that one may not realize anyone can excel at. Without that exploration, we may never have had a man called, “Little Richard”.

If you could achieve one dream or milestone in your music career next year, what would it be, and what steps are you taking to make it a reality?

I want either a number one record, or a Grammy nomination. I want to be recognized inside the industry on a larger commercial level. In the beginning, I never really cared about any of that… But suddenly, I’d like to be in one of those clubs.

Every artist has a vision, can you describe the grandest, most audacious dream you have for your music career, and what makes it so exhilarating?

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I want to do a sound and visual tour. I love images, videos, graphics, soundscapes with scenes in a concert venue. I would love to do a tour with a live band, that made you feel like you were inside of a club in New York or central Paris, London maybe even Berlin… yet looking at and hearing a live band.

What kind of impact do you hope to have on the Electronic music scene in the new year, and how do you plan to influence or shape it with your music and presence?

I want to take us back to concerts with people dancing to a live band, while hearing Electronic music. It’s time to see live vocalists do concerts in Electronic music, not just DJ’s with a guest. WE vocalists create some of the greatest records in House and Electronic music and are never seen. It’s time to change that. I am an entertainer. Flashing lights and visuals are great. But there is so much more to touching an audience. That’s what festivals once provided. Now, you only get that on big star tours, or the retro festivals. I’m going to change that. We are going to DANCE again to live bands, with Electronic music.

As you set your sights on the future, what legacy or mark do you aspire to leave on the world of DJing and producing?

Diversity. I like moving through all of the different genres of Dance and Electronic music, while still maintaing to be a House music vocalist. I hope to bring DJ’s and live bands together to collaborate in a live setting. Pete Tong’s House music orchestra is a brilliant example of the blend.


Do you have any specific plans for pushing creative boundaries or experimenting with your sound in ways you haven’t before in the coming year?

I’ve been wanting to do a collaboration with a couple of classical artists I’ve become friends with. Time and schedules have not allowed us to create together yet, so I’m hoping to nail down a time frame this year. Maybe even something that could lend itself to an Opera…

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Are there any dream collaborations with other artists or musicians that you hope to manifest in the new year?

I want to work with Sun-El Musician. He is an amazing South African producer. Of course, Miguel Migs is my dream collab. I want to do a recorded duet with Barbara Tucker. (House music royalty) and maybe, Kirk Franklin, Honey Dijon, Björk, MK and Black Coffee.

Beyond music production and DJing, are there any ventures or projects outside of your comfort zone that you’d like to explore in 2024?

I would love to have my own “Coffee Shop/Dispensary”. I am a big supporter of the cannabis industry. I think it has many untapped medicinal qualities, still yet to be explored. I also love coffee and the human connection that happens while enjoying it. It would be fantastic to create a safe space where musicians could come and share there art and try different concoctions. 


How do you plan to inspire and connect with your fan base on a deeper level in the new year, and what message do you want to convey through your music and presence? 

This year im trying to bring more of my art to the masses. More touring, more media, more video art, more collaborations. Diversity is my motto. Don’t judge ANY book by its cover. Listen, learn, enjoy the experience and the discovery.

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If you could offer a piece of advice to emerging DJ/Producers who look up to you and share your dreams, what would it be based on your own journey and aspirations for the new year?

Lay down all your judgements and work hard to keep an open mind. Try to never hurt anyone. With your actions or with words. Never feel like you have to cheat to get ahead. True talent is forever, so invest in yourself. Travel. Even if only around your own town.  Ask questions, especially of those you admire.  Collaborate. Look in the mirror. Try to love what you see, and if you don’t… know that’s your first work. In the business of art, You, are all You have.


As we wrap up this conversation with Eric Redd, we thank him for his time sharing his vision for the future of Electronic Dance music and music production. With a commitment to diversity, collaboration, and innovation, Eric is ready to make his own impact on the Electronic music scene in the coming year; and as we look ahead to 2024, we expect to hear more from this talented artist, so, make sure to keep a close eye on Eric Redd, and follow him across his social media channels, as he promises more music and unmissable live shows in the coming months.


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