Ronny Shome Displays Prime Creative Shape On new Releases

British songwriter-producer Ronny Shome displays his prime creative shape in latest released singles “Breakthrough,” “Summer Dreams,” “Get Up,” “You’re The One,” and “Want You To Know.”

Since the very young age of 8 years old, tand following his parents’ advice, Shome learned to play the piano, an instrument that proved to be extremely helpful in crafting chords, harmonies, and musical phrases until this day. This led him naturally to songwriting, and although Ronny has written over hundred songs, he hasn’t had the means to professionally record them all, but is dedicating his energy into doing so since 2018. . 

The intuitive artist mainly finds inspiration in the works of legendary 80s artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, as well as bands like U2, Guns’ N’ Roses, and Bryan Adams, among others

Ronny Shome is also interested in collaborating and writing for other artists, as well as composing film soundtracks. 

His hardworking nature, endless passion for music, and multi-genre approach to composing are some of the strongest artistic weapons that will help Ronny Shome breakthrough the noise and finally be recognized as a special artist who still has a lot to share with his ever-growing audience.