Record Player Created That Generates Music By Using Plastic Waste

We have some new innovation this week. A record player has been created that actually generates music by using plastic waste. This creation was invented by a Husband & Wife Duo. Ujoo + LimHeeYoung call their device “Song of Plastic.” It is a mechanical device that records and plays back on discarded plastic waste.

A documentary on the Anthropocene inspired the revolutionary device. This concept demonstrates that the Earth has moved into a novel geological epoch characterized by human domination of the planetary system. The record player applies Thomas Edison’s “tin foil phonograph” approach in order to record and playback the sounds of children’s voices, singing, and everyday noises on various pieces of discarded plastic. The South Korean pair had this to say on their blog:

“After tens of thousands of years have passed, the sound of an extinct existence comes from plastic fossils discovered by future intelligent life. Though it’s an unsettling, big picture view of humanity’s legacy, Song From Plastic is also a reminder of what makes humanity special.”

The video below is a must-watch. It is quite crazy what sounds this machine can produce. Who needs a modern speak when you have this!