Mya Project Shows Musical & Directorial Prowess In New Music Video For “Rain”

Mya Project, aka Dalila Mya, drops the music video for her recent single “Rain.” The track is the first one off her upcoming album Dystopia. The multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer reveals, “I was feeling a little depressed for personal reasons, and I felt like the rain outside was helping me clear up my mind. It’s a reminder for everyone that no matter how hard life can be – our strength as human beings is the ability to get back on our feet and never give up on ourselves.”

Renowned British actor, Harwood Gordon, features in the music video. Mya recalls the amazing story of their encounter, “I actually knew Harwood as an actor back in England, since I watched his outstanding performance in a music video by “Soulsavers” – “Take me back home”. I loved that song and the video. years later, I moved to LA and next thing I know Harwood is my neighbor! I took that as a sign from the universe. We had to produce something together. I knew that. And since I was working on my new release, I asked him to listen to the demo of ‘Rain’. We spoke for an entire evening. A week later we started working together on the video, the rest is history!”

In the clip, Mya’s dog; Jasper also makes an appearance, “Working with him was so easy, my doggo is a lhasa apso, a very chilled breed because it’s a dog bred by the Tibetan monks for the purpose of following them during their mantra prayers in the Himalayan region. I consider Jasper an old soul trapped in a dog’s body. He’s my best friend, my companion, and our connection goes beyond the physical world. He’s known in my neighborhood as the “Tibetan monk”. Working with him in my video was a piece of cake. It took us just 3 takes to get the right one.”

With “Rain,” Mya wants “people to go deeper in their feelings and experience a connection with their soul. My music is beyond label, beyond category. Free your minds,” says the artist, encouraging her listeners to be themselves and step away from the influence of the media. 

Watch the official video for “Rain” here:

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