Massive House Party In Chicago Ignores Social Distancing

People just don’t seem to get the whole Social Distancing thing. It is not very hard. All you have to do is either stay 6 feet away from people or just NOT have a house party. TMZ reported 1,000 people on the West Side of Chicago at a party. The videos below show well over 100 people packed into one room of this house.

The party was jam-packed. 1 cough and all these people would be infected. This is the type of thing that would create a massive spike in Coronavirus cases. No one knows if it was actually 1,000 people; could be just someone trying to create clout on Twitter. However, it is clear that there is a bunch of people sardined together. The Chicago Police Department issued a statement on this stupidity:

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media depicting a large house party inside of an alleged Chicago residence. While we cannot authenticate the nature or location of the gathering, we want to remind everyone of the social distancing requirements in place,” the statement reads. “CPD will disperse crowds in violation of social distancing requirements, and if necessary, issue citations or as a last resort, enforce via arrest.”

The worst part of this all is that this took place in the hardest-hit area of Chicago. It is quite possible that 1 person at this party had the virus. The virus has hit African-American communities in the city’s South and West sides the hardest. It was reported by WGN, that 72% of the deaths in Chicago were from the black community.

Acts like this are what lead to statistics like that.