Italian Nightclubs Finally Reopening at 35% Capacity

It’s been almost two years since nightlife in Italy had any sense of normalcy. Finally, according to the Technical-Scientific Committee (CTS), Italian nightclubs are reopening at 35 percent capacity after the long wait (Mixmag). 

Currently, Italian officials haven’t given confirmation, but Milan’s Mayor Beppe Sala claims it’s time for a return to normal. Here is what he said in a Mixmag article:

“Reopen the discos and clubs with all the relevant rules and the Green Pass.”

The passes will allow you to enter clubs similar to how the UK COVID pass works. A ‘Green Pass’ is going to become mandatory for most workers in Italy starting in mid-October. Once that happens, everyone will have to have at least one of the following items a negative test, vaccination certification or recovery proof (Mixmag).  

Now, these Green Passes will be strictly enforced for nightlife, just like they are for workers. No set date is in place for the reopening with the new requirements, but an announcement might come soon (Mixmag).

At first, capacity limitations for clubs are 35 percent outdoors and 50 percent indoors. Although officials from inside CTS say they hope in locations where case numbers aren’t high, capacity could be 80 percent indoors and 100 percent outdoors (Mixmag).  

Keep track of Italian officials’ social media accounts for updates on the reopening of Italian nightclubs.