French Clubs Will Reopen Starting February 16

French Prime Minister just announced that clubs will be opening again starting February 16. This decision comes as a part of many Covid restrictions being lifted in the country.

French clubs have been closed since December 10, while the country was facing a new Delta wave and the Omicron wave simultaneously. Now, and after two months of struggle for the music and nightlife industry, it’s back to business! However, partygoers will have to show proof of vaccination at the door. This new rule includes all venues such as gyms, bars, restaurants, and clubs. The government made it clear that the goal is to push all the population to get vaccinated. Thus, having a negative test will not be enough anymore for any social activities.

Other European countries went even further in the “going back to normal” measures. Britain decided to lift almost all restrictions and not require citizens to provide any proof when going to social venues. Spain on its side started to move towards no longer considering Covid-19 as a pandemic, but as an endemic such as the seasonal flu.

Overall, this news comes as a big sparkle of hope for the European nightlife sector, including the electronic music scene. Festivals and clubs now can have a better view to help go forward and plan the upcoming season and delayed events. The main event we all think of is Tomorrowland Winter. The France-based event will be taking place one month after these new measures. If this means anything, it probably means a big chance to see one of the best winter events taking place finally after 2 years of cancellation. Fingers crossed for Alpe’s fairytale and all the European scene.