Florian Picasso & GRX

Florian Picasso has always had one of the most interesting backgrounds from any artist. When your great-grandfather is the legendary Pablo Picasso, you know that talent runs in the family. Florian has just released another brand new track with GRX which is the side project of none other than Martin Garrix.

Florian Picasso and Martin Garrix has teamed up one before in the past on their track ‘Make Up Your Mind’. Now the two have partnered up once again on their new track called ‘Restart Your Heart’, except this time it’s released under Garrix’s side project called GRX. The track is an impressive house track with a banging drop. The track is released on STMPD Records.

Florian Picasso will be taking part in EDMTunes’ JadeTopia virtual festival this Friday, April 25th. For details on the upcoming virtual festival, click here now. Make sure to take a listen to Florian Picasso and GRX’s new track ‘Restart Your Heart’ now!