Fabric Announces New Outdoor Festival Next Summer “EXODUS”

Fabric is launching a new festival next summer called EXODUS taking place on August 8-9, 2023. This party will consist of two days of pure enjoyment and sensuality, an extension of the Farringdon institution’s ethos in its 23-year run. All artists and concepts will be curated by the same managers of the venue and label.

The London club and label is hosting a debut festival outside the capital next July. This accompanies the release of several works and EPS on its label and his 24+ hour-long parties. It promises to be a completely different experience from what the iconic London club has accustomed us to. Its premise is the fact of mentioning that we will all leave the 4 walls of Fabric to have an unforgettable experience.

Fabric EXODUS Festival

“The amazing journey we’ve been on with our venue continues, but now feels like a good time to do something different. As a team, we feel we can add something that complements such an amazing [festival] scene and with our own twist. We really hope everyone can enjoy what we are planning.”

Fabric cofounder, Cameron Leslie

Although we already have the festival dates, we actually have little information about it. As for the place, this is referred to as “just outside” of Fabric London and not to mention the line-up, we don’t even have any clues about who can entertain the first edition of the festival. Although they gave the clue of having obtained those who have configured the past, present, and future history of Fabric, of all the genres that have reverberated its doors.

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