EDM Sauce 2024 Look Ahead Interview: Sander Wilder

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with talented DJ/Producer Sander Wilder, to gain insights into his ambitions and aspirations for the upcoming year. Sander shares his plans to release more music, reach a wider audience, and create multisensory experiences for his fans, he also discusses his vision for making a lasting impact on the Electronic music scene and shares his commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Surely, aspiring artists and followers of this skillful Producer will find inspiration in Sander’s journey, where consistency and curiosity remain the keys to success.


What are your most ambitious career goals or aspirations for the upcoming year as a DJ/Producer, and how do you plan to pursue them?

To share with the world more music from my side, and explore new sounds, so there is some work in progress which will finally arrive next year, so, stay tuned! 


If you could achieve one dream or milestone in your music career next year, what would it be, and what steps are you taking to make it a reality?

My dream is to push my music to every potential fan in this world. If there is that one person who doesn’t know about my music and if they would want to listen to it, and it will mean a massive positive impact on them, well, then that person needs to have the possibility to reach my music. That’s why promotion and reaching a wide audience are important elements for the next year.

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Every artist has a vision, can you describe the grandest, most audacious dream you have for your music career, and what makes it so exhilarating?

Besides developing my music, I’m thinking at some point, I want to be able to develop some shows with audiovisual and a sensorial experience, in a different way from the current existing shows. To curate an extraordinary, multisensory experience for my audience. 


What kind of impact do you hope to have on the Electronic music scene in the new year, and how do you plan to influence or shape it with your music and presence?

For the moment, my plan is to remain in schedule with my releases, pushing new shows and remain active as a live DJ as well.  


As you set your sights on the future, what legacy or mark do you aspire to leave on the world of DJing and producing?

Make my sound more present and giving the audience the best feelings and experiences.

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Do you have any specific plans for pushing creative boundaries or experimenting with your sound in ways you haven’t before in the coming year?

I’m always pushing boundaries (carefully though) and I enjoy a lot to experiment with my sound, is a continuous process, I’ll let a trace of mystery here and when the time comes, the audience will know. 


Are there any dream collaborations with other artists or musicians that you hope to manifest in the new year?

At this moment I’m kind of on my own, there’s still plenty to do on my musical direction, I don’t have any plan at this moment to get into a collaboration, but things can change.


Beyond music production and DJing, are there any ventures or projects outside of your comfort zone that you’d like to explore in 2024?

I don’t have any prepared project regarding this in particular, I’ll see how it goes, I’m usually quite spontaneous.

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How do you plan to inspire and connect with your fan base on a deeper level in the new year, and what message do you want to convey through your music and presence?

The most important factor in music today is consistency, and being able to share a constant release schedule is how an audience remains connected with the project; and another important factor is through radio show/podcasts & of course gigs. My monthly show Global Feelings is a good place to go for listeners looking for a world full of melodic elements. Central message I want to share through my project is growing tension and intensity in each of life’s journey.


If you could offer a piece of advice to emerging DJ/Producers who look up to you and share your dreams, what would it be based on your own journey and aspirations for the new year?

The most important lesson is that learning never ends, and it’s normal to have ups and downs, but the most important thing is, if you really love music and want to expand your journey don’t give up and remain active and curious, consistency is the key.


We thank Sander Wilder, for sharing his aspirations and insights with us. His dedication to pushing creative boundaries at his own pace, and connecting with his audience through music is evident. As he continues his musical journey in the upcoming year, his message of consistency and curiosity, serve as advice to emerging DJ/Producers. We look forward to witnessing his continued growth in Electronic music scene, and in the meantime, make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest releases and news.

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