Deadmau5 Has a New Album Coming

EDM Icon, Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5 had a lot in store for 2020, most of which will not be happening due to COVID-19. Known for his over the top and sometimes offensive personality, Deadmau5 had a stellar year planned for his fans. On top of that, he planned to continue his Cube v3 tour around the world. He built two stages, in preparation to go hard on his tour and all throughout Europe and Asia too. A lot of money went into building these stages. 

Anyone who has ever been to a Deadmau5 show knows you are in for a treat. You’ll be hearing good music and you can certainly be sure to see an awesome light show. In a recent interview with the Niagara Falls Review, Deadmau5 said he’s got a ton of new music coming and a new album too. All of which was to be accompanied by his new stage production. 

Regardless of the current situation, he still has a successful business – from years of being a major player in the EDM scene. He’s helped to launch the careers of Skrillex and Rezz, just to name a few. He’s got many employees to keep employed – so he’s been doing what he’s got to do to keep his company afloat.

In order to do that, he has made special appearances on Fortnite with Steve Aoki and Dillion Francis, for an “in game” concert on May 8. Rather appropriate, being that Deadmau5 used to be a huge gamer himself. On May 29, he did a livestream Q & A through Amazon Music. 

While this year clearly hasn’t gone as planned (for anyone really), Deadmau5 has been enjoying playing 3 hour live sets in the studio located only a few steps from his couch. He’s also enjoying being able spend more time with his wife, Kelly. 

Never one for the spotlight, Deadmau5 says “I’ve been practicing social distancing since 2004. I got this down.”