Adam Beyer – Dirty Lagoon

Adam Beyer strikes again with a three-track EP out on Drumcode titled ‘Dirty Lagoon‘. This follows a successful 2021 for the techno veteran, including 250 Drumcode releases, collaborations, and landmark compilations. He’s showing us another side and we are here for it.

Firstly, the title track ‘Dirty Lagoon‘ showcases Beyer’s mastery of his craft. It is titillating with power, emotion, and energy. The notes bounce with color and the soundscape is deep, driving, and relentless. A great addition to his repertoire, turn up the speakers for this one.

Code is the Code‘ is sharp and pristine. It combines strong rhythms with epic basslines. Drumcode’s signature sound shines through with this one. Cosmic synths echo throughout the melody for a sonic audio journey. As soon as you’re out of the buildup, it drops you back into the madness. ‘Dub Embassy‘ closes out the EP with unique dub elements you’ll love. This is a festival-ready track but also ready to kill the dance floors. Its menacing soundscape drops into an air of mystery at the breakdown but pulls you back down for the dub.

“’Dirty Lagoon’ has been a highlight record in all of my sets in recent months. It’s a style of punchy, club techno that I’m into in the sense that it’s driving but it has playful elements. Supporting it on this EP is also ‘Code is The Code’ and ‘Dub Embassy’ which bring two contrasting styles to the package, the first more energetic and atmospheric and the second more tripped out and hypnotic. I think this EP sums up the different sides of my current sound perfectly – powerful, energetic, emotive techno.”

Adam Beyer

Check out the EP below.

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