Alice The G00N Soars Over Genres & Eras With New Single “Lucky”

Soaring over a multitude of genres and eras, Rhythm & Dance singer-songwriter Alice The G00N is back with a latest single titled “Lucky.” This one-of-a-kind track once again showcases The G00N’s special talents when it comes to crafting a bombshell mix of 90’s-style club classics with futuristic vibes. “‘Lucky” is all about asking yourself a simple question: is it worth sacrificing your humanity for rewards that only feed your ego? Known for her direct tone and unapologetic self, Alice The G00N shines again as she flows through her element, following-up in style to her previous remarkable release, the single “Who Do You Love?”

The “vocal assassin”, as many call her, is an aficionado of using profound metaphors and minimalistic lyrics to channel her universally relatable messages, the core reason for her rapidly expanding following base. 

In recent interviews, she unveiled the names of the artists that have influenced her from the start, from Aretha and Donna, to Whitney. “Lucky” is one more powerful single by the naturally-gifted artist, with everyone now looking forward to her next drop!

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