3 to 7 Merge Technology And Inspiring Musicality On Latest Record

Dana Parker, a skilled producer and singer songwriter hailing from California, has worked all his life in music with the legendary Motown label, starting as a recording studio musician, and experience that led him to meet several executives from the music industry. Among those were the world famous Berry Gordy from Motown and Carl Wilson from the Beach Boys. The years spent closely working with these icons have taught Parker the most valuable lessons, such as the importance of having a professional home studio, and the knowledge and techniques behind recording world class musicians. 

Recently, Dana Parker and his project 3 to 7 have released their first album upon popular request, a record that comes after years spent working with Major TV channels, recording music for countless shows and productions. If you haven’t yet, check out Dana Parker and 3 to 7’s latest album, a unique experience where technology merges with the most inspiring musicality out there!