Tomorrowland Plots Further Expansion into Theme Parks

Buckle up, dance enthusiasts and water lovers! The union of two magical worlds is on the brink of reality. Imagine dancing to the beats of Tomorrowland, not just under the sky, but amidst the refreshing waters of a dazzling water park. Soon, you may be able to not just imagine that, but actually do it. Momentum Leisure, a visionary Dutch entertainment group, is orchestrating a symphony of splashes and beats, unveiling the possibility of a Tomorrowland Water Park, where euphoria meets the waves.

Picture this: an aquatic wonderland, pulsating with the same energy that has made Tomorrowland the epitome of music festivals worldwide. Designs by the artistic virtuoso Kurt Heerman are giving us a glimpse of what could be an aquatic paradise. Although the project is still taking shape and not yet set in stone, the excitement is tangible, promising a fusion of dance, water, and pure exhilaration.

From Festival Grounds to Water Wonderland: A Seamless Transition!

With Momentum Leisure at the helm, Tomorrowland’s influence is set to transcend the festival grounds. As a major shareholder in Majaland amusement parks, they are turning visions into reality. The roadmap includes not only a water park but an expansion into multiple amusement locations, painting a canvas of entertainment for tomorrow.

In 2021, Tomorrowland branched out and designed a rollercoaster in a Tomorrowland area at Popsaland de Panne. The coaster was called The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland. The German version of this park will be getting a Tomorrowland zone and a Tomorrowland rollercoaster as well.

Lastly, dive deep into Tomorrowland’s ocean of dreams, where the dance never ends, and the waves dance with you. In conclusion, stay tuned for more updates as this visionary project unfolds into the ultimate aquatic dance extravaganza! Check out these awesome concept arts, below.

[H/T] – Looopings