Tinlicker Releases Second Studio Album, ‘In Another Lifetime’ on Anjunadeep

Dutch duo Tinlicker just released their second studio album via Anjunadeep, entitled In Another Lifetime. The album features previously released singles like ‘Be Here and Now’, ‘You Take My Hand’, ‘Just To Hear You Say’, and ‘Healing Forest’, which have been already been praised by the likes of Pete Tong, Diplo, Gary Jamze, and John Digweed, along with tastemaker stations like BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, and SiriusXM.

Made up of 11 tracks, the album explores everything from Tinlicker’s classic progressive house sound to deep house to melodic techno. Tracks like ‘Always Will’ ft. Nathan Nicholson and ‘You Take My Hand’ ft. Jamie Irrepressible are quintessential Tinlicker songs, while tracks like ‘I Am Free’ and instrumentals like ‘Healing Forest’ and ‘Just To Hear You Say’ take a less conventional, deep house approach.

Written during lockdown, In Another Lifetime reflects Tinlicker’s experience the past two years, which explains the highs and lows present throughout. Here’s what Tinlicker had to say about the inspiration behind the album title:

“These last two years saw the creation of a parallel universe in which human beings had to reinvent themselves whether they wanted to or not. We experienced a lot of lows in this process, but also beautiful highs – in some moments it felt like everything was about to slip through our fingers, while other days the process brought a lot of peace. For us, the title ‘In Another Lifetime’ captured this journey.”


The duo will embark on an extensive tour this year in support of the album, including dates around the world in Washington, Paris, and Toronto, and sold-out shows in London, Melbourne, and their hometown of Utrecht. 

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