The Netherlands to Roll Back Almost All COVID-19 Restrictions by February 25th

In a press conference February 15th, 2022, the Dutch Health Minister Ernst Kuipers announced that by February 25th, all public venues will be able to resume normal operations at full capacity for the first time in almost two years. It’s worth noting that 86% of the adult population of the Netherlands has been vaccinated and that the government is still urging citizens to practice caution, such as not shaking hands, and getting tested if they experience flu-like symptoms.

The situation will be reassessed by the government on March 15th as the COVID-19 situation globally is ever-changing and in constant flux. But for now, this is wonderful news for Dutch nightlife, live music, and events—which have been hit hard the last two years, sparking protests in recent times.

The Netherlands joins Denmark, Sweden, and England as one of the growing numbers of European countries that have decided to roll back all restrictions.