Spotify Announces Music Relief Project For Covid

Spotify is doing its part to help out during the Coronavirus pandemic. The music industry has been ripped apart by the virus with cancelations of festivals and concerts. Music streaming was also reported to have been dropping over the last few weeks. Thousands are out of a job and in need of help. Luckily, we have Spotify to assist where they can. They just recently announced their Covid-19 Music Relief Project.

The streaming company is partnering with MusiCaresPRS Foundation, and Help Musicians. They are not just donating to these organizations but also plan to match up to a collective $10 million donated through their project. Meaning if we as a community donate $5 million they will match that to help out those most in need.

They are also looking to implement a new feature on the platform. It will enable artists to fundraise directly through their respective pages. This money will go towards the artists choosing whether that be their favorite charity or another artist in need, if not themselves.

We hope more new music can be dropped soon as most of us lay bored at home needing something to rock out to. These donations towards the Music Relief Project may go a long way for those affected by the virus.