Saints & Heroes – ‘Joan of Arc’

This week, Robbie Rivera releases new music under the alias Saints & Heroes with a deep melodic track titled ‘Joan of Arc’. The track released on his new label Cruciformed Music and is out everywhere now! From the start, you can hear a heavy bass that runs through the entire song. It provides a rhythm and motion that guides the song. Subtle tones arise from nothing and give a body to the tune. The track ebbs and flows in an epic way that depicts the life and fight of Joan of Arc.

The lives of the Saints are generally told through literature or visual art, through biographies, movies and paintings. What you have before you is something uniquely different, the lives of the Saints in audio form. These tracks do not describe the Saints and Heroes of the faith through linguistic or visual forms, but rather through contemporary musical expression. Each song was born from the spirit and stories of the Saints and takes us on an audible journey. 

Be sure to check out ‘Joan of Arc’ for yourself, out everywhere now!