Rumors Swirl That Live Nation Will Take Over Electric Zoo

The festival that wasn’t now has rumors about its new owner. In August, the long-established Electric Zoo in New York collapsed before our eyes. What began in 2009 on Randalls Island in NYC became an absolute mess. Many called it Fyre Festival 2.0 and for good reason. From someone who attended on Saturday, it wasn’t pretty.

Avant Gardner took ownership of Ezoo in 2022 and things were looking up for the festival that wasn’t making much progress forward. I always found that Ezoo was stuck in the 2010s. While other festivals were offering unique experiences and Ezoo was kind of bland. But it worked for us because New York didn’t really have any other big EDM festivals.

Unfortunately, Avant Gardner tried to take many steps forward this past summer, and instead of an amazing experience, it was terrible for most. These are the same guys that own the esteemed Brooklyn Mirage.

Rumors are now beginning to swirl on Reddit that Live Nation has acquired the festival. You know who Live Nation also owns, Insomnaic, who of course runs EDC. Is EDC New York (or Beyond Wonderland) back on the horizon?