Purified Records Reveals Ocean Conservation Partnership with Daniel Nicholson and OnlyOne

Embarking on an exciting new collaborative venture, Purified Records is thrilled to announce its extensive partnership with the highly esteemed underwater photographer Daniel Nicholson and the environmentally-conscious platform, OnlyOne. The label’s forthcoming releases will feature Daniel’s captivating underwater photography as the focal point of their artwork, complemented by essential ocean and marine life data provided by OnlyOne. This initiative aims to cast a spotlight on our planet’s oceans, while concurrently nurturing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the extraordinary underwater ecosystems.

To launch this initiative, Swiss producer Dan Sushi is making his debut on the label with his four-track EP titled “Titanium.” This EP has already received unwavering support from Nora En Pure, who has incorporated the title track into her sets across the world. The title track, “Titanium,” weaves together haunting synths and a raw bassline, creating an enigmatic and entrancing atmosphere. In the track ‘Open Your Eyes,’ the listener is taken on a journey into a celestial dimension, featuring ethereal synths, spoken vocals, and powerful bass elements. Continuing his musical voyage with ‘Drift,’ Dan Sushi offers an instrumental piece that navigates through a progressive arrangement with intricate percussion and flowing melodies. The EP concludes with ‘Superstition,’ where Dan delves into a deeper sonic realm, characterized by a steady bassline, robust percussion, and mystical melodies.

The artwork for the “Titanium” EP features a striking close-up photograph captured by Daniel Nicholson, highlighting the awe-inspiring presence of a hammerhead shark. Sharks, creatures often met with fear and misconceptions, fulfill an essential role within the intricate tapestry of marine existence. As apex predators, they serve as critical guardians of marine ecosystems, playing a pivotal role in maintaining equilibrium by managing prey populations and preventing the overgrazing of crucial habitats. The vast diversity of shark species, ranging from the elusive great white to the inquisitive hammerhead, exemplifies a remarkable spectrum of adaptations that have evolved over millions of years. Recognising the importance of sharks in maintaining healthy oceans is essential as we strive to protect their populations and promote a greater understanding of these enigmatic creatures. Several species of hammerhead sharks are listed as vulnerable according to the IUCN.