Promising Star CALYN Lays Her Vulnerabilities Bare In New Single “Tricky”

The California-based star CALYN makes a comeback with the heartfelt single “Tricky,” which is about falling in love with someone who is emotionally unavailable. The young and talented artist wears her heart on her sleeve and shares the most intimate feelings and thoughts in an honest and genuine manner, “I feel like almost every girl I know has been in a similar situation where you know you shouldn’t want this person but you can’t keep your mind off them, that’s really what I wanted to capture with this song.”

The Alternative R&B singer-songwriter transmits her infectious aura and shows off her musicality with the song “Tricky.” CALYN pours out her deepest feelings into the lyrics: “All of these emotions gonna take me out/ But I’ll take somethin over nothin/ Just to see that smile/ Going crazy/ Someone save me/ Thinkin of you lately/ So somebody save me/ And I’m thinking lately/ Can somebody save me/ I could be your baby/ Maybe you could save me.”

One of CALYN’s biggest influencers and collaborators is her sister DYLI. The rising star gives details on their dynamics: “Dyli has always been a strong writer and melodies are more my strength so working together not only speeds up the process, but makes it so much more enjoyable. I’ll always enjoy the creation, but genuinely I don’t know where I would be without her. I would definitely consider us a dynamic duo because she needs me as much as I need her whether it’s regarding the work or the mentality that comes with it.”

In addition to DYLI, CALYN is greatly inspired by Jhené Aiko, SZA, and Trippie Redd. There’s no doubt that with the release of “Tricky” she has gotten closer to achieving her dream of working with these top-notch artists. 

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