MORTEN Releases Long-Awaited Solo Track ‘No Good’

MORTEN’s highly anticipated solo track ‘No Good’ is out now on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom Records. While Future Rave changed the underground dance music scene, MORTEN flies solo on this one. You may have heard this track teased in some of his sets. Worldwide crowds begged for this track and now they see its glorious release.

MORTEN keeps his iconic trademark with this track. He combines melodic sounds with the heart-throbbing beats of underground dance music. From the beginning, you get a high energy riff for big room energy. Then it suddenly drops into that deep sound of the underground. The enchanting topline sets in and the vocal leads into a thumping synth. Combined with an accelerating drum, the track pulsates with a bass heavy drop.

The catchy hook “You’re no good for me, I don’t need nobody / Don’t need no one that’s no good for me” echos throughout. The Prodigy’s iconic 1994 track ‘No Good (Start The Dance) has actually been worked through numerous times in the past. So, it’s no wonder that MORTEN puts a new twist on one of his biggest inspirations. When that drop hits, dance floors are sure to shatter.

The Prodigy have always been a big inspiration for me, the first concert I ever went to was to see them back when I was 14 and I have admired their work ever since. Using the sample of one of their songs for my first solo track in a long time seemed like the perfect choice as they have inspired me for so many years. This track is really important to me and being able to tie it to The Prodigy is an honor for me.

MORTEN on ‘No Good’

Check out ‘No Good’ below and follow Future Rave on their 18-week long residency at Hï Ibiza, Exchange LA, and Brooklyn Mirage.

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