London Reveals Brand New Open Air Venue By Broadwick

Broadwick Live is bringing an enormous cultural destination to London this September. Welcome the Dockyards, a brand new open-air destination for raves, festivals, and one-off events. This follows their closure of The Drumsheds in Enfield, one of the UK’s infamous venues for festivals. Spanning over 400,000 square feet, it sits on the River Thames next to the London City Airport and East London’s Royal Docks. Now, audience capacity is yet to be confirmed. But organizers want events held here all year long to see how the open space fits.

“We’re really excited to open Dockyards. [Creating] a new center of cultural gravity for London in the heart of The Royal Docks. Dockyards will shape the area through cultural and commercial innovation by bringing a year-round program of events and activities in partnership with the world’s best.”

Bradley Thompson, Broadwick Live Group Managing Director

The first event for the Dockyards is Defected London. It takes place from September 3rd to 4th. The second event will be the Above & Beyond Group Therapy Weekender from September 10th-11th. This clean space is a new start for events. The Broadwick Live venue aims to host world-class experiences for visitors and artists. In addition, they also plan to “deliver meaningful impact for the area and local communities”. Lastly, the space resembles Printworks London’s aesthetic.

Who wouldn’t want to work on a great space like this? And who wouldn’t want to attend a venue like this? It’s a place for backdrops in movies, photoshoots, cultural events, brand experiences, and more. Lastly, the group is also opening The Beams, a new venue within the Royal Docks. Broadwick Live wants to create more jobs in the area as well. We’ll see how it pans out for them as we follow more.

Stay tuned for upcoming events at this new venue in the future.