Live Nation Announces Refund Plan for Postponed & Canceled Shows” />

After countless complaints, Live Nation has decided to change its stance on refunds. Fortunately, ticket buyers stuck with postponed or canceled shows will now be able to obtain a full refund. The only catch is that customers will have a 30-day window depending on their show’s details. Still, this is great news for those wanting their money back during our global pandemic.

Billboard was the first to report on Live Nation’s new refund plan. Live Nation who owns Ticketmaster, reportedly has 55,000 events on its platform for this year alone. All of those events bring in $2 Billion for the corporation. A large portion of this money would’ve been pocketed, despite the mass cancellations/postponements of events. With most, if not all of those events now canceled or postponed, many fans will be wanting refunds. Here’s the details in Live Nation’s plan you need to know.

For events that have already been given new dates, customers will have a 30-day refund window starting May 1st. In terms of postponed events without a new date yet, customers’ 30-day refund window opens up once the new dates are announced. Keep an eye out for updated dates as you do not want to miss that 30-day window! Lastly, there are also a few incentives Live Nation has created to try to convince you to keep your tickets.

“Live Nation venues will offer fans an option to receive a 150% credit for the value of their tickets to be used for a future Live Nation show”.

Additionally, fans who keep their tickets and attend rescheduled shows will receive a small credit as well. Lastly, customers also have the option to donate their refund to charity. All in all, we’re glad ticket buyers will be able to receive the refunds they deserve.