LA County Reimposes Mask Mandate Regardless of Vaccination Status” />

2020 was quite the scare for most, as our lives were completely turned upside down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As bad as 2020 was, 2021 has managed to improve upon last year. This Is partly due to the return of outdoor dining, live events, and the abolishment of questionable mask mandates, amongst other things. Cities around the world have implemented such changes due to the decrease in the number of new Covid cases over the course of the last few months. With that being said, it now looks like the city of Los Angeles is reverting back to an indoor mask mandate, against the CDC guidelines and California state measures. This is in part due to a recent spike in new cases.

Indoor Mask Mandate

Los Angeles County health officials recently announced that the county would be re-implementing a mandate requiring residents to wear masks while indoors. This mandate will be imposed on all, regardless of vaccination status. The new mandate will go into effect on Saturday, July 17, at 11:59 P.M.

The recent mandate means citizens of LA County will once again be required to mask up when entering any indoor public establishment. This includes retail shops, grocery stores, bars, clubs, restaurants, and even workplaces. As of now, indoor dining will remain open. With that being said, customers will have to remain masked while they are not eating or drinking per County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis.

According to Fox New Los Angeles:

“Thursday marks the seventh consecutive day of new COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County exceeding the 1,000 mark.”


The 1,537 new cases reported by the county Thursday is the highest number of new cases… seen since early March.

Chilling. Only time will tell if these changes will be enough to lower the rising number of new cases. For the sake of our sanity, and health I hope it will. Does this also mean that festivals and other EDM events in LA are about to be canceled? Make sure you have trip insurance.

The official Los Angeles County mask information can be found here. For more information, be sure to stay tuned to the Los Angeles County Health Department official website, here. Be sure to follow their official Twitter, here.

H/T – Fox Los Angeles