Genix Meets Dosem For The ‘Warehouse55 (Volume 2)’ EP

The techiest of Trance meets the techiest of Deep for an exceptional conjoint release.

Genix is carrying his Warehouse55 brand quite strong. As discussed in previous news pieces, he’s sold out a Los Angeles show, released a handful of WH55 tracks, and, apparently, doesn’t have the most basic knowledge of when to stop. And, honestly, why would he?!

The latest addition to his warehouse-inspired, techno-heavy, and retro-admiring sound is the ‘Volume 2Warehouse55 EP. This three-track release welcomes a clash of two leading forces in their own fields: Damo teamed up with Anjunadeep’s darkest, grooviest artist there is, Dosem. The man behind tracks such as ‘Megacities‘ and ‘Hypnotised‘ alongside Tinlicker, is, as of now, also guilty of producing the first two tracks of the EP, ‘Day City‘ and ‘Night City‘. The third track is Genix’s solo, by-now widely known ‘Accelerator‘, released as a single a while ago.

Left to right: Genix, Dosem.

Day City

This track carries a happy atmosphere all throughout, contrasting the acid saws and techno percussion with quite a chill, day-like pluck melody. Don’t get me wrong though, this song has the ability to tear you apart on the dancefloor — trust me, I know that first-hand.

Treat yourself to a series of emotions evoked by a chill-yet-banging song that is sure to make you want to get up and dance.

Night City

You’ll notice the bassline is identical to ‘Day City’ when the song starts, and the track only distances from its sister as the song progresses. That, to me, is a very clever way of inducing a collaboration between two artists: coming up with two originals from one base track. Kind of what The Blizzard and Paul Arcane did with their ‘First Snow’ EP.

‘Night City’ sets the mood with a cutoff pluck, giving the dimmed-lights feeling of nighttime. This composition has a playful flirt with Acid sounds, high-pitched vocals, and, how wouldn’t it, the iconic WH55 percussion pack, to give it the full context. You’ll have fun with the slightly darker tune.


As talked about in a previous article, ‘Accelerator’ is a heavy techno tune. The hardest of the three, this song’s only goal is to make your face wrinkle up from how heavy the bass drops. We’ve already covered this mindblowing tune before. Check out the news piece about ‘Accelerator’ by clicking here.

Final Words

Listen to Genix and Dosem’s Warehouse55 (Volume 2) EP below for a Spotify play. Alternatively, here are the YouTube links for each song (‘Day City‘ | ‘Night City‘ | ‘Accelerator‘), or click here to support the EP any way you like.