Eurovision Song Contest Will Allow Russia to Compete Despite Ukraine Invasion

Russia-Ukraine Invasion:

Breaking News captured the attention of the globe this week. Russia officially invaded Ukraine at several border points. Numerous explosions went off in several major Ukrainian cities. And while Russia claims they are liberating Ukraine from the ‘Nazis’, most of the world believes this is a political maneuver to keep Ukraine out of NATO, among other things. At this time it appears Russia is poised to capture Ukraine in its entirety. There are calls for major sanctions against Russia, there are questions of oil dependency, and there is worry about the emigration of Ukrainian refugees across Europe. Many news sources say the invasion is a catalyst for a new World War. In short, a lot is going on.


The Eurovision Song Contest actually began post-World War II as a way to unite despondent European countries. Through its cross-border television broadcasts, it is one of the longest-running television international broadcasts in the world. But the main point of Eurovision’s existence is to ‘Unite Europe’. So, many are very upset that Russia is still allowed to participate. Especially, given their recent trespasses against Ukraine, and the sub-continent of Europe. 

In an open letter to the Eurovision President; The National Public Broadcaster of Ukraine requested that Russia be excluded from the contest. From Ukraine’s point of view,

“Russia’s participation as an aggressor and violator of international law in this year’s Eurovision undermines the very idea of the competition.”

The letter goes on to express that Russian exclusion would be a ‘powerful response by the international community of public broadcasters’. However, the letter was unsuccessful. And Eurovision responded with this:

“The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political cultural event, The EBU is however still concerned about current events in Ukraine and will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

The global songwriting and performing event will take place in Turin, Italy this May. Eurovision will bring together musical artists from across Europe, Australia, and Israel. The public and a panel of judges will vote to select the winner. And Russia will still compete despite their recent invasion of Ukraine.