Disclosure Releasing New Album ‘Alchemy’ This Week

Disclosure reveal big news: the release of their fourth album Alchemy. This new album lands tomorrow, July 14th, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of their debut album Settle.

What’s most exciting about Alchemy is not just that they are releasing this album independently, but also the 11 track LP will not include any guest features or samples. We will see the Lawrence brothers take a “back to basics” approach. This will be their first album after their departure from Capitol Records. They will proceed to release through their AWAL imprint, Apollo Records.

This record is a celebration of us feeling liberated right now. We’re no longer signed to a major record label. We’re not going to tour this record. We can do whatever we like and be super creative.

Guy Lawrence

Both brothers are said to have been in two different states of mind whilst producing their upcoming album. On the happy spectrum we congratulate Guy on his wedding whilst he produced this album. Howard on the other hand did go through heartbreak and a long tour. We are excited to see how both these strong emotions shape this album.

There was this combination of deep heartbreak and sadness, but also deep admiration and appreciation. Let’s turn this horrible feeling into something beautiful. The whole idea was to channel pain into beauty – which, in hindsight, is always the aim.


All our other albums were written in third person. Before now, very few of our songs were about things that happened to us and our lives.


A bit of a sneak peak before the release but fans are in for a treat as Howard provides more of his own vocals and lyrics. We will experience vast differences from summery house to breakneck jungle. The artwork for Alchemy by the artist Llinos Owen will feature a picture of the brothers taken by George Muncey.

The Lawrence brothers to celebrate their 10th anniversary of Settle are releasing a special edition Vinyl. There is a sold out release party at The Cause in East London.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our review on Alchemy.