deadmau5 Teases John Summit’s ‘I Remember’ Remix

And it was about time it was teased for a release, wasn’t it?

Throughout History, the music that sets itself as a staple of a certain era or genre is the one which gets the most attention. It’s logical. In particular, on the Electronic Music spectrum, there are quite a few tunes that make the cut as the best of the best. Those songs one can show a friend who has never listened to EDM before. Songs like ‘Pjanoo‘, ‘Wake Me Up‘, ‘Animals‘, ‘Satisfaction‘, ‘Stereo Love‘, and ‘Infinity‘ all belong to this club. As does Kaskade & deadmau5‘s first collaboration, ‘I Remember‘, from the year 2008.

The song is one of the most recognisable anthems, with both a melody and a vocal segment that are truly unique to it. And, as with any anthem, one would expect these songs to have a makeover every few years, adapting their original formulas to newer sounds. Such is the case with ‘I Remember’: it’s getting a remix from none other than Mr. John Summit.

A remix?

You read that right. Summit is, perhaps, the DJ and producer with the most infectious sound at the moment, selling clubs in a breeze and captivating crowds and colleagues alike with his Tech House sound. A sound that is, by definition, tailored for parties and high-energy gigs. John Summit takes it up a notch and removes that element of frequent monotony of today’s Tech House, making more than a name for himself.

His ‘I Remember’ update in question is filled with his sound, but also blending it to perfection with the original chords, feeling, and, of course, Haley Gibby‘s vocals. deadmau5 hinted at the release of this remix in a short post on his social media. Check it out:

You might be tempted to hear more. And for that thirst, here is Summit’s Essential Mix, for you to listen to his remix of ‘I Remember’ in action. Locate the 01:06:40 mark.

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