Carnage Announces New Autobiographical Documentary Film” />

Yesterday, the legendary DJ Carnage posted a series of mysterious announcements on his Instagram story. Now, the secret is finally out. Carnage has announced that an autobiographical documentary about his life is coming. We will be able to look back on the story of a titan inside the trap genre. Titled ‘The Price Of Greatness, A Look Into The Misunderstood’, Carnage’s new film promises to show a side of the DJ we’ve never seen before.

The Price Of Greatness. Carnage Film Poster

‘The Price Of Greatness, A Look Into The Misunderstood’

Dedicated to Tim Bergling – also known as Avicii – as well as his friends, fans and every producer out there determined to make it, this new documentary will surely bring something else into the game. For years, we’ve seen DJs talk about their lives in front of a screen. Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Steve Aoki and many more have taken onto the screen to share their life, their goals and their struggles with us. Now, one of the biggest DJs from the golden era of EDM is here to tell his story.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest figures in trap history, Carnage is a pioneer. He’s been one of the biggest collaborators in the hip-hop/EDM fusion world. Working with rappers such as G-Eazy, Migos, and Young Thug, both as a producer and rapper, Carnage has managed to stay relevant in the scene for more than a decade now. Now, with this new documentary, produced by his own label Heavyweight Records, the rapper aims to take us inside the journey of an artist who managed to defeat stereotypes, challenges and a tough childhood to become one of the biggest artists inside his own genre.

From one Latino to another, I want to congratulate Carnage. I can’t wait to be able to go on this journey which I’m sure will show us that, the only thing that’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams, is yourself.

‘The Price Of Greatness, A Look Into The Misunderstood’ is coming out soon!