Bassnectar Event in Asheville Canceled After Backlash

Bassnectar is learning the hard way that you can’t just make a comeback without making amends. The Bassnectar FreakStyle event set to happen in Asheville, NC has been canceled by the venue on the very same day the event was announced. The event was scheduled for October 27 and 28 and featured other artists including Rye Rye, Dorfex Bos, 6Blocc, UHNK and Maidenspace. FreakStyle was originally set to be a “Bassnectar family reunion” and a Halloween weekend benefit for IGF, Esphera and Ancient Tongue.

Harrah Cherokee Center published an official statement:

“The bassnectar: Freakstyle event scheduled for october 27-28, has been cancelled. as a publicly owned entertainment venue, we cannot deny access to the venue’s rental spaces to event performers, groups, or conventions based solely on the content of the event/ or performer.”

While the statement is a bit confusing, it’s clear that the venue felt the heat right away and decided to cut its losses. The back and forth over Bassnectar’s attempts to return to the stage continues to be a major source of controversy in the dance music world. Despite everything, the artist still has fans torn over whether to support him or not. Unfortunately, Bassnectar still refuses to make the kind of full-throated apology that might begin to mend fences. He still has an event set for Las Vegas that remains on the calendar at this point.