Bassnectar Announces Show for NYC

Bassnectar doesn’t care how much the internet hates him right now. In fact, he probably relishes it at this point, because he just announced yet another live show. This time he selected New York City on December 30th and 31st at Palladium Times Square. After all of the controversy surrounding his previous events in more laissez-faire locations, we’re surprised he was able to lock down a venue in NYC. The event is called A New Horizon and it features support from six other artists across both nights.

Despite the obvious controversy around any Bassnectar show these days, his dedicated Subreddit seems pretty excited about the event. Although there are a lot of complaints about Bassnectar’s paid membership having lost all value since these events are open to anybody.

Pre-sale Tickets and The Other Side

Pre-sale tickets are available now exclusively for Unlocked members on The Other Side. Head over to for those, but afterwards tickets will be available to the general public. This is the first show of his which will be opened to the public since he stepped away from public life following sexual abuse allegations, so it will be a major test of whether he can stage a comeback.

Despite the controversy, it appears Bassnectar won’t have trouble selling tickets for this event, but it remains to be seen if backlash might still affect the event in some other way.