Anyma Announces ‘Welcome To The Opera’ Release Date

It’s already been more than a year since the official debut of ‘Welcome To The Opera‘, a collaboration between Anyma and Grimes. As a matter of fact, the latter started her EDC Las Vegas set in 2022 with this exact song, making fans eager to know a release date ever since. The collaborative track, set to release this Thursday (June 8) has already generated significant buzz within the music industry and among fans worldwide.

Even though the song circulated online for the past few months, we never know what will sound the official version in its final form. Fans of Anyma and Grimes can expect ‘Welcome To The Opera’ to be a bold and innovative sonic adventure. With their combined talent and penchant for pushing creative boundaries, this collaboration has the potential to become a milestone in the electronic music landscape.

Anyma – real name Matteo Milleri – made the announcement on his socials, a couple of days ago. Along with it came a video showcasing yet another incredible visual from the artist. The producer continues to deliver solid tracks one after another, along with collaboration with some of the biggest names in the industry. Moreover, Milleri’s live show is surely one of the best in the business right now (check out the incredible images of his tour in South America here). Who knows what’s in store next for him ?

Stay tuned for more news!