Another Home, New VR Nightclub, Launching Online Soon

There’s a new virtual club launching in the next few weeks called Another Home. Created by London music duo KOVEN, this new experience will be an online space that will act just like a real nightclub.

According to DJ Mag, events that take place at Another Home will hold real live events. Flyers and posters will be made for shows and lighting will be custom done. Not only this, but merch will also be sold.

Once events take place at Another Home, DJs and music artists will be able to perform in the digital space by livestreaming directly from their homes. As of now, many artists, including KOVEN and Feint, will be performing for the virtual nightclub. There will be a small fee for viewers to experience this new reality. The money raised will be used to compensate the artists and organizers involved in the events.

Details on its official launch will be announced soon.


Since the coronavirus pandemic began and quarantine has become the new normal, clubs have been forced to become creative due to their indefinite closure. Livestreams have become a substitute for attending music festivals and events. Clubs, as of now, have remained closed and there is no certainty as to when they will reopen again. Another Home sets an example that anything can be made possible during this pandemic.