Alesso & Liam Payne Filmed 'Midnight' Music Video From Quarantine” />

World pandemics make you think of new ways to keep the music alive. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, we saw many new trends. It went from live sets on social media, Virtual festivals, to Festival-sets rebroadcasted. Today, it is Alesso and Liam Payne who just released a music video for their single, ‘Midnight’, made 100% while on quarantine.

The Swedish producer teamed up with the former One Direction singer for the new release ‘Midnight‘. Everything was done while both artists were separated by the Atlantic, Alesso being in LA and Liam in London.

With one in the studio and the other in his balcony, the result is simple but still very clean.

“It’s kind of refreshing to just see Liam perform and me just working on the song…That’s really how we do it, you know? And kind of let the song have the shine. For me, it was refreshing.”


After releasing the progressive house anthem “One Last time” a few weeks ago, Alesso comes back sooner than we thought. But this time with a refreshing pop-like track. The beautiful vocals by Liam are definitely one of the track’s highlights. The beautiful melody by Alesso leads to a relaxing drop full of hope, which we all need in these times.

“Midnight” is a relationship song about coming together. But the performers said with the impact the coronavirus has had around the world, the song has taken on a special meaning…It definitely gives it a bigger meaning. We’re always going to listen to this song, at least me and Liam, and think about these times


For EDM fans, we will be enjoying this track while we wait for the remix version to drop, as is tradition for Alesso.

The producer was openly looking for signers- even among his fans- for this production when Liam jumped on board. However, even if the original track is already out, you can still try your luck to be in the remix track. Find out more in our article.