Space Laces Flexes Otherworldly Production Prowess With Ferocious New Track, “Survive”

If electronic music is at all subject to the Darwinian principle of “survival of the fittest,” then Space Laces is the genre’s apex predator.

The virtuosic producer has always been a dependable source for crafting inimitable, otherworldly soundscapes, but he’s even raising his own industry-leading standards with his latest track, “Survive.”

His opening salvo of 2023 is a rough-and-tumble dubstep smash. With its seismic impacts and electrifying push-and-pull of tense riddim synth leads, it’s the fiercely unrelenting combination that fans of Space Laces have come to know and love.

Stentorian basslines clash at full force in this sonic battle tied to seemingly life or death stakes. But in true Space Laces fashion, the catharsis of his opening sequence reels back only to launch an even more powerful secondary volley of barraging synth hits.

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The cinematic quality of this memorable record is something sure to live on and continue to rally even the most ardent headbangers well into the future, only further lending credence to the track’s core tenant: only the strong survive. Take a listen below and find “Survive” on streaming platforms here.

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