Knock2 Puts the Pedal to the Metal In Riveting Sophomore EP, “ROOM202”

After checking into ROOM202, there’s simply no reason to leave.

Knock2 has released his sophomore EP, which is akin to a non-stop party where the energy never fades. It’s a tantalizing blend of thumping beats and euphoric melodies from the outset, with “Make U SWEAT!” leading the full-speed charge. The dance-inducing riffs continue on “REWiND,” a similarly high-energy track with colorful, vocaloid-like leads that are anything but ordinary. 

On the collaborative front, Knock2 teams up with Dev, who delivers an alluring topline before the arrangement launches into a soaring blend of vocal chops and heart-pounding kicks and never looks back. Knock2 and fussy deliver a collaboration with a similarly playful appeal in the EP’s closer, “Rock Ur World,” which sees the surging producer employ a genre-defying blend of leads with an almost chiptune-like consistency.  

Techno and house music have experienced a meteoric stateside resurgence in popularity over the last year and continue to coalesce the majority of the mainstream-level attention throughout the dance music community. But in a sphere that’s rapidly becoming saturated, Knock2 represents a bold new standout—and his sophomore EP is likely the catalyst for what will be increasingly visible recognition.

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Take a listen to Knock2’s ROOM202 EP below.

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