The Sweeplings – ‘Shipwrecks’

This was my first time hearing The Sweeplings, and I was immediately impressed. They are an Indie-Folk duo, but their musical style can appeal to non-Folk listeners, especially with ‘Shipwrecks’.

The lyrics offer images of hope when all seems lost. For anyone who is overwhelmed, broken down, or suffering, they provide a light in the dark. A light that I desperately needed. And when artists can give that kind of healing, I think they would be artists to always keep on your radar. Because that is something special.

Check out the official video below

“We had some melody ideas… We have this little phrase book we sometimes use to get ideas, and we found these phrases that revolved around shipwrecks and realized that kind of lyric was just right. We’re all bothered, we’re all struggling, we’re all just a wreck trying to figure out how to get to shore safely.” – Whitney Dean

‘Shipwrecks’ is off their upcoming full-length album ‘Debris’ due out on April 8.


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