South London rapper DC today unveils his new single ‘Firing Squad’. Over a simple, soulful melody, the single sees DC lament on the pressure of life in the game, living with your choices and the learnings that come along the way. The single arrives today with a stylised black and white video shot by emerging creative Tayler Prince-Fraser, which sees the suited rapper and a cast of hooded figures slowly close in on the rapper as the single builds to its climax.

Speaking on the single, DC said:

“’Firing Squad’ is a reflection on a very major chapter in my life – secondary school. I feel like specifically between year 9-11 I really learnt a lot about myself and who I do and don’t want to be. The pressures of being a yute in the ends trying to navigate all the pressures, the draw outs the ends brings…I speak about specific moments in my life that probably dictated decisions I made in my life negatively. That secondary school environment can be intense. You’re juggling pressures from the roads, girls, all of that. It’s pure survival…”

Speaking on the video Prince-Fraser said –

“When I first heard DC’s music, I found myself appreciating it that much more because of his ability to storytell. I thought it was unique, and that his talent stood aside from his contemporaries. With this video, we wanted to create something that reflected that uniqueness – we didn’t want to make something that looked like what you’ve come to expect from a rap video. That would be the ideal takeaway for me – that this wasn’t what they had expected, but they’re excited to see where it can go (visually) from here.”