Shoffy shares new single, ‘Fade’ off his new album, ‘Onward’

Shoffy is back on the blog with ‘Fade’, the latest single off his new album ‘Onward’. Shoffy is an artist I’ve supported since 2015 and I’m always happy when there’s new music to share. ‘Fade’ is phenomenal and a great reminder why I became a fan in the first place.

On ‘Onward’, Shoffy showcases his dreamy combination of honeyed vocals and fluttering beats.

Speaking about the album, he said:

“This album came together in the last several months. I wrote and produced it, and the music is a collection of my favorite genres, sounds, melodies, and lyrical themes. I made this album for all my fans out there who like my music, and made it for myself because I love to create, and put new songs out in the world. It’s a pretty cathartic and cool journey. The whole project is a collection of what I love both sonically and visually.

Stream ‘Fade’ below.


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