The official video for Ruti’s ‘Closer to You’ came in my inbox at just the right time. Hearing Ruti’s voice is always a joy but seeing her totally enjoy herself in this creative space puts a smile on my face. (I swear I did not mean to rhyme there).

For the video, Ruti recruited her sister and the two pieced the video together using the backdrop of Ruti’s local spots, culminating in an authentic product of lockdown and the creative ways around its possible restraint.

Check it out!

Speaking on the video, Ruti explains:

“Because of Lockdown, I decided it might be a fun project to make the music video for ‘closer to you’ myself. I got my little sister to film me at various locations in our town (I did pay her) and then I edited the clips together on Final Cut Pro – which I literally just started using at the beginning of lockdown. My sister actually took the single artwork picture as well, she’s been a huge part of this project!”


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