Rainbow Girls – ‘Fake As A Dream’

Bay Area trio Rainbow Girls released ‘Fake As A Dream’ last month, off of their  long-awaited EP, Rolling Dumpster Fire.

Witty, heartfelt, sometimes sarcastic, and always honest, the 5-song set acknowledges the common sadness and stress we all are experiencing in one form or another right now. It’s an assessment of our current shared cultural moment — the despair, the uncertainty — and how this unique experience has highlighted the importance of coming together as a community. These songs serve as a time capsule for a period when we were all forced to stop, rethink, and in many ways, reshape our entire lives. 

Of the track, Erin Chapin (one-third of the trio) offers:

“This song came to me in the middle of the night. I dreamt I was a large aquatic creature, something like a whale, floating in the middle of a vast, yet still, ocean. I could see rays of light streaming down from high above me and I felt compelled to move towards it. When I awoke, I was so startled to find myself elsewhere that I failed to recognize my own room and my own body. It took several minutes for me to both realize and believe that I was in the most familiar place I know. ‘Fake As A Dream’ is a rumination on that liminal zone between reality and the other: our dreams, our fantasies, our internet second life of TV shows and advertisements and Instagram filters.”