Swedish Scandipop collective King of Little Sweden is back with “Dave Is Online”, a song about emotional disconnection in digital times. This smooth electro-pop jam is pushing all the right buttons with its relatable theme and marvelous vibe.

Speaking about this gem, the band said:

“This is a song about “Online Intimacy. Nowadays, we can get swamped by so many messages that we sometimes end up neglecting the ones that we really ought to answer.”

The song took shape as a collective creation process, as is usual for King of Little Sweden. They brainstormed the first ideas at the piano, humming some melodies along the way. Then they produced different versions back and forth between Huskvarna, Verbier, and Stockholm. 

“The lyrics were inspired by self-observation.Always being online: texting, chatting and arranging with other friends, actually missing out on the moment. No hidden message or moral- just an observation of how things are today…”

Hear it below.

This song has left me wanting more and I can’t wait to hear what they come with next.


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