Devan’s ‘Real Shot’ is a heartfelt song about love and what-ifs and it is stunning.

Speaking about the track, the Toronto-born/London-raised singer-songwriter said:

“’Real Shot’ is written from the perspective of someone looking back on an old relationship and wondering what things would have been like if it had played out differently. Growing out of relationships and gaining more perspective on each situation can leave you wondering,” she adds, “What if we were older and more mature, and didn’t let things fall apart? Where would we be now?”

I love her voice and the way she sings, she takes you to a beautiful place of reflection.


Devan’s solo project has been percolating since the moment she hit ‘record’ on her first homemade demo, and all these years later, she remains equally as brazen and ready to share her songs. While distinct, Devan’s voice may sound familiar. She has spent the last 6 years honing her talents as a songwriter and live performer with Wild Rivers; the folk-pop band that she co-found and co-fronts, boasting over 140 million global streams.