Austrian Indie Songwriter OSKA Releases Debut Album ‘My world, My love, Paris’

Indie-pop singer/songwriter OSKA has released her debut album ‘My world, My love, Paris’ via Nettwerk.

Over the course of 12-songs, the Austrian weaves together tales of her family life and the experience of being a young person growing up in the world.

With candor and charm, her authentic self comes through in honest lyricism and tender melodies. Daydream with her on the hopeful ‘Woodstock’, cry with her over lost love on ‘Too Nobody’ or ‘Lousy T-Shirt’ and ponder the future with ‘Responsibility’.

Listen My world, My love, Paris on all digital retailers (here).

OSKA pairs the new album with a new video for title track ‘My World, My Love, Paris’. 

Warm acoustics meet OSKA’s signature croon cozied up next to delicate, dreamy string orchestrations. The video gives a glimpse into the studio process behind the album. 

“Recording strings for the song My world, My love, Paris, was one of the coolest experiences of the album making process,” reflects OSKA. 

“I decided on the day of the string recording that I wanted to invite the lovely players again for a live session. I’m so happy everyone was up for playing in this cozy setting. It was really special for all of us to perform the song together in one room.”