YouTube Music Adds Explore Tab For Enhanced Musical Discovery Experience

YouTube Music is getting an ‘Explore‘ tab similar to that of Spotify’s ‘Search’ tab. You will get playlists for every mood, genre, and more. If you need a feel-good, party, focus, energy, or commute list, you’ll get it.

This tab is replacing YT’s ‘Hotlist’ tab for its Android and iOS apps starting today. There will be two sections to this new section. Get ‘new releases’ or ‘moods and genres’. As a result, make your curated musical discovery experience even bigger and better.

So, each little category will recommend new music and a variety of easy pre-made playlists. Like its predecessors, the algorithms will search based on your listening history. But, there could be more to it. Right now, there is limited information on more of how it works and what it looks like. There isn’t a release date for it yet either.

For now, we have promotional images. Rumors say it’ll roll out in the next coming weeks.

What can be deciphered from the promotional announcement is that we get song lyrics and we get a new section to play with. Will this advance YT Music’s interface? Surely. In comparison with Spotify, we get tidbits of facts for some songs. Other songs embed music videos in them.

Will YT Music offer more? We are eager to see what it brings when it rolls out. As our streaming services continue to advance their listening game during this quarantine, we continue seeking comfort with our artists and their live streams.

The goal is to create the best listening and music discovery experience possible. YT Music subscribers can have student pricing and a family plan is said to be coming soon. Which do you prefer and who do you think is coming out on top?

Stay tuned for more additional on this!