You Can Record HQ Audio with Dolby On App

Dolby is a company known for seeking to innovate within the world of audio, as well as supporting the needs of creators. Musicians often opt for recording audio with their phone’s default voice recording app when out of the studio. The company has now created an app that will help people record high-quality audio and video on their smartphone devices through Dolby On.

Dolby On automatically analyses your music and applies EQ, compression, noise reduction, stereo widening and more as needed. There are also Styles, which can be used to add color and adjust the likes of treble and bass in audio. Using the app to record music will help small musicians put out powerful audio without having to pay for expensive studio sessions or leave their homes.

As for video, Dolby On does above and beyond. It is not only designed for recording, but is integrated with live streaming capabilities. So you can connect it directly to Facebook Live and Twitch). Therefore, any creator at home can live stream high quality video with clear audio easily. The app will come in handy as everyone’s live streaming at home to practice social distancing.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Watch the comparison video below to see the app’s capabilities: