Ybe K@n5eR is an Aspiring Musician & Entrepreneur Working Towards Establishing Himself

Music has been an important part of the experiences many humans have gone through in life. Songs have always been there to uplift one’s spirit and give them hope. YBE K@n5eR looks forward to doing the same. He is a talented musician and wishes to change the world through his unique rapping skills. 

YBE K@n5eR is the stage name used by MichaelB Dowell to perform music. He has been creating rap songs for some time and keeps doing his best. In Kancer’s opinion, every rapper is his rival because they are all extraordinarily talented. 

His career as a rapper got started when he was inspired by well-known international artists. Prior to actually venturing out into the world to amuse their audience, every great rapper has a philosophy and a vision that K@n5eR has learned. While learning how to do this, he also taught himself how to approach the world from a business perspective.

K@n5eR has been focused on the goals he has set for himself and has managed to accomplish a lot in a short span of time. He is currently working on his upcoming album, Welxome2Dr1p. K@n5eR also know as “Dr1pGodd”, looks forward to exploiting his label, Gr1ndmobb. Supportive another successful partnership he has made is with Taylor Mears, has uplifted his spirits and determination to create his own CBD strain.

As a musician, Kancer has had the opportunity to work with big names in the industry such as “Young Dro” “Big Boi” “Lil Scrappy” “Yung Ralph” “Lotto Savage” jus to name a few. Under his label, distinguished independent artists,  “BigCity” and “YBE Hustle”, “Ace1Yoda”,  R&B sensation “J Strong AKA J Bism” and Executive Producer “L33M on da Beat Studios”, who has defined himself as one of “THE” hottest upcoming producers in game at present time.” 

However, getting through these milestones was not easy, life has challenged him in every way. Growing up, Kancer witnessed the agonizing death of the majority of his closest relatives due to cancer. His grandmother, uncle, and aunt were among these individuals. This was a painful moment to live through, but Kancer has managed to view these circumstances differently. 

He chose the term “Kancer” for himself in an effort to defuse the discomfort associated with the word “cancer.” He wants his followers to remember him as a skilled artist who has been making an effort to combat cancer, even though most people link it with death and despair. The start of research aimed at eradicating cancer is eagerly anticipated by Kancer.

K@n5eR hopes to establish a foundation for a cancer hospital that can house patients and give them the impression that they’re on vacation. By constructing this special cancer hospital, he hopes to lessen the severe suffering that cancer patients undergo. Although K@n5eR is aware that making this happen won’t be simple, he is eager to overcome obstacles and accomplish this.

As someone who has been in prison and knows what it’s like to be an inmate, he wants to help others. They should be allowed to pursue their professions and interests, such as music, and should be allowed to live as humans would. Bringing change to this system won’t be easy either, but Kancer wishes to pursue it and give it his best. 

K@n5eR has set difficult but inspiring objectives for himself. His ability to care for others and extend a helping hand is remarkable. K@n5eR has a lot of potential as a musician and an entrepreneur.